Compliment a girl in Spanish

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Compliment a girl in Spanish

First of all, you should learn to sayhi. That is the simplest most effective way to start a conversation, not only with women, of course. Say “Hola, Como estas?”. That is “Hi, how are you?”. It is a polite and common way to start a conversation.


The next step would be asking her name. “Como te llamas?” is a casual way of asking someones name. If she asks it back, say “Me llamo…” and your name.


Spanish girls are very romantic and like to get attention. Complimenting them is a good way to seduction and works very well. Complimenting them in their language might earn you a few extra points. You don’t need to learn a lot of Spanish to do that, by keeping it simple and casual you mat already get the results you want.

“Eres muy Bonita”. You are very pretty. It is simple and common, but effective. Again, if you are making an effort to speak in another language, the compliment is worth more. Maybe use that line after knowing her name. She might think you are a bit intrusive if you start by saying that.


Compliments Must Be Generic Physical Characteristics


“Qué bonitos Ojos tienes!”. That means “What beautiful eyes you have.” When you are approaching a woman, the compliments must be generic and about physical characteristics. If you start by complimenting her personality or intelligence, it may seem false. Only when the conversation goes on for a while, you may start complimenting her on those traits without coming out phony. Spanish women are not afraid of blowing you off if they think you are annoying or unoriginal.


Try starting by complimenting her outfit, or her hair. “Tu cabello és hermoso,” means  “Your hair is pretty.” That might be a nice way to start a conversation.


After you start talking to her, compliment her on how nice she is. Say “Tu eres muy simpática.” which means that she is very friendly or polite. 


If you think it is all going according to plan, ask her for her number. “Me das tu número?”. Or ask her out for a drink somewhere. “Quieres ir a tomar algo?”.


The important thing to keep in mind is being polite and charming. Be sincere and original and the language or the pronunciation won’t be that important. Speaking with the Spanish women in Spanish can be a good way to break the ice and get a conversation going, but you shouldn’t worry too much about it. Be yourself and try acting romantic.

When you meet Spanish women, you can try using those phrases or any other good ones that you think of. Be confident and straightforward to cause a good impression.

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